After 16 years of experience, Ovenbouw Engineering B.V. was established in 2001.

We are an internationally active company, specialized in the construction of periodical gas-fired ( 1600 C) and electric (1800 C) kilns.

Having over more then 25 years of experience with an especially thorough† know-how in the field of insulation technics, Ovenbouw Engineering b.v. guarantees quality and reliability.

Applying to:

- Art work
- Ceramics industry
- Grinding wheel industry
- Colour pigment industry
- Laboratory† (1700 C)

If you have any questions at all, please contact us.

ing.C.Verploegen† 31 623 466 478

Ovenbouw Engineering bv
Edisonstraat 75
2723 RS Zoetermeer
tel 31 (0)79-3605829